Traditional Thai Massage 1

Traditional Thai Massage

The legendary traditional Thai Massage, in its palatial style and with emphasis on acupressure, working each individual point of the energy map of the mody. This draws creatively on the "sen lines" dry massage, without oils, of medium to intense pressure.


60mins $65


 90mins $85

Vedic Massage

Of Indian origin, this is an evocation of the Ayurvedic massage. delicious massage in which light pressure is applied to the whole body using warm or hot pure coconut oils.

  60mins $85


 90mins $105
 Balinese Massage 1

Balinese Massage

Massage of medium-intense pressure applied to the whole body with oils. This massage has its roots in the traditions of Indonesia and in the Jevanese palaces.

   60mins $75  90mins $95
 Balinese Express Massage 1

Balinese Express Massage

Massage of intense pressure, applied to the back and followed by a head and facial massage.

  30mins $45


Indian Head Massage 1

Indian Head Massage

Head massage with warm oil, following the Ayurvedic tradition.


30mins $45



The Inner Silk 1

The Inner Silk

Indian Head Massage 30mins + Vedic Massage 60mins




90mins $95

The Spirit Of Siam 1

The Spirit of Siam

Foot Essentials 30mins + Traditional Thai Massage 60mins




90mins $85